Normally, Kin will upload videos and the update for this blog, However… for this time, I wish to write for this topic 🙂

As a cat lover, I’m so happy to see difference cats footage of a day! Thanks Kin for taking shots of 4 cats within a day so I can enjoy during editing 🙂 First cat sit close to the bride’s home, it just didn’t have camera shy at all! The second cat appeared when we’re in the groom’s village. After the banquet, it’s so lucky that we saw two cats near the hotel when we’re leaving.


The bride is a drama teacher but we’re sure that all her laughter and tear was not an acting! Cat lover Irene Chui is their wedding day photographer. As I know, not only the photographer Irene and I, the bride Huen is also a cat lover, I can see many cats decorations within the day… ~meow~ ~meow~

Here is the same day edit ~meow~ ~meow~ ~meow~