It’s been almost 7 busy months since we last updated our blog or Facebook page. However, today we are delighted to share with you a wedding highlight’s video from the lovely couple Eska & Fred.

As Ah Kin isn’t free, you have the pleasure of enjoying an updated from yours sincerely.

Eska & Fred, now living in Australia, found us via the Internet. When we first met them, I couldn’t believe they already had 3 adorable children, they must have some sort of secret potion that is keeping them looking so young. =)

For the Hong Kong Wedding, filming involved an outdoor shoot in the morning, tea ceremony in the afternoon, and a small banquet in the evening

‘Is it necessary to have video coverage in this case?’, I hear you ask, ‘Will the video be interesting?’

Well if you have already viewed the video, I’m sure you will agree with me in answering it with a big YES. Without a video, you will never have a chance to experience the speeches again, and never have a chance to witness again how touching it was for the couple when they knelt before their parents in the tea ceremony.

The couple also shared these concerns, so just to be sure; we also arranged a ‘Pre-wedding shoot’ to document their shared memories when living in Hong Kong, which would be edited together with footage from the day.

Days passed and after viewing back the video, Eska & Fred were so pleased, they have since offered to give us a feedback and testimonials. We are so glade to have overcome their initial concerns and edited a video that the couple are proud about.

They would like to make the highlight’s video accessible for public viewing, so I decide not to wait for Kin and write this blog before he’s free in June.

Also, happy to work along side with their wedding day photographer Lewis.

Let’s enjoy the video !