He’s a nice guy, his also have ambition in wedding photographer field, I can feel his heart…like a fire…

Kin and Luckymui have a chance to meet Photographer Lawrence Tsang few days ago, as he wants to have some reform in the work flow of video production provided for his client…

Yup, video shooting is more or less have  similarities to photo shooting, however, video production is actually difference professional from photo shooting, though some photographer can also handle video shooting and production, it is not a must that a photographer should have well knowledge about video production… sometimes it’s really a bit hard for them to communicate with clients and then pass the information to their video production team.

 ( yeah ah, I can handle video production as well as 3D animation, but it is actually two difference field, hee heee)

More and more photographers want to separate the video production from their package and refer their client to a list of videographers they are happy to work with, then let their client to select the video production which is most suitable for client’s taste and requirement.

However, as the traditional of “photo + video” package already exist in Hong Kong wedding industry for a long time , photographer and videographer also concern if client can accept this new concept… as it may affect their competitively.

Wow, we just need a test to prove if it’s work, heee heeee….

(Lawrence, don’t leave your wallet in our workshop next time, please  leave a camera should be better… Haa haaaaa 😀